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Dara speaks widely on a range of topics related to molding a beauty industry where age is celebrated, and the world recognizes that a woman’s beauty has no bounds. She is available for:

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Popular topics:

  • Pro Age Beauty: Brands That Are Leading the Charge Against Ageism

  • From Anti-Aging to Pro-Age: How the Messaging is Already Starting to Change within the Industry

  • The Power of Numbers: How Women Are Coming Together to Create Real Change in the Beauty Industry

  • Ageism in the Beauty Industry: The Harmful Effects on the Self-Worth of Women of All Ages

  • Let’s Talk About the Beauty of Aging

  • The Business Case for Pro-Age Beauty: How Brands Will Benefit from Embracing a Pro Age Model

  • The Future of Beauty: How the Endless Beauty Collective is Paving the Way for a More Inclusive Industry

Topics can also be customized to suit your specific audience and interests.

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