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Become a Pro Age Brand: Kick Ageism to the Curb—Your Bottom Line Will Thank You for It

Consulting Services to Challenge Ageism

As part of the Endless Beauty Collective’s commitment to fostering positive change within the beauty industry, we offer a range of consulting services tailored to assist your brand with embracing a pro-age stance and implementing impactful strategies that position your brand as a genuine trailblazer.

Our services are designed to help your brand realign your values, reframe and strengthen your messaging, and proudly and effectively communicate your exciting plans to potential customers so you can earn the respect and reap the financial rewards from this powerful group of consumers. Below are the consulting services we provide.

Endless Beauty Collective Services

Review, Analysis & Recommendations

We will start by reviewing your company’s:

We will then provide you with an analysis of where there are inconsistencies among any of these and/or where changes are needed to shift to an authentic pro age stance.

We will also provide you with recommendations for how these changes can be made in the most cost-effective and efficient manner. As with all of our consulting services, the goal of this assessment is not only to help you shift to a pro age stance but to ensure that doing so improves your overall brand perception and positions you to leverage your pro age stance as a competitive differentiator in the marketplace.

Starting at $2500.

Review, Identification & Alternatives

Our expert team will conduct a laser-focused review of your company’s:

We will indentify language that is reinforcing negative perceptions of aging and preventing you from adopting a pro age stance that your consumers can trust runs deep.

We will provide you with alternative copy that incorporates words and phrases that resonate with consumers seeking age positive and inclusive beauty products and pro age brands, ensuring your brand’s messaging reflects its commitment to pro-age values and leverages the benefits of doing so.

Starting at $1000.

Education, Empowerment & Inspiration

Key to your brand successfully adopting and capitalizing on a pro age stance is ensuring that your marketing and sales teams (and, ideally, all of your employees):

Our engaging and interactive Pro Age Workshops are designed to do exactly this. Your teams will walk away equipped with the necessary knowledge and tools and feeling energized and ready to share your pro age stance with your current and prospective customers.

Starting at $2500.

Development & Implementation

We will work in concert with your PR and/or social media consultants or in-house team to develop and help implement a robust PR strategy that effectively communicates and positions your brand to capitalize on your new pro age stance. Our expertise in crafting compelling narratives will help elevate your brand’s visibility and reputation.

Starting at $1500.

This is your journey:

You get to customize what is best for your brand. Whether you pick a single service or bundle any (or all) together, we’re here to help.

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If your brand is seeking guidance and support in embracing a pro-age stance, we are here to help.

Our consulting services are designed to empower your brand to make a positive impact in the beauty industry and directly benefit as a result.

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