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You Have the Power to Make a Change in the Beauty Industry - And You're Ready to Prove It.

Why Take the Brands Against Ageism Pledge?

At the Endless Beauty Collective, we believe in the power of collaboration and collective action. There are so many amazing brands kicking ageism out the door, and our goal is to give you an even more powerful, high-profile way to do it.

EBC Brands Against Ageism Pledge

We invite beauty brands to join us in our mission to challenge ageism and promote a more inclusive and empowering beauty industry by taking the EBC Brands Against Ageism Pledge and becoming a part of the EBC.

Your brand will make a significant impact and contribute to the positive change we're striving for—AND your bottom line will thank you for it.

Take the Pledge Today & Increase Your...


Showcase Your Power with a Purpose.

When you take the EBC Pledge, you are aligning your brand with a purpose-driven movement that is reshaping the beauty industry’s negative narrative around aging and beauty.


Elevate Your Brand’s Reputation.

Demonstrating your commitment to promoting inclusive beauty ideals and empowering women of all ages will boost your brand and strengthen customer loyalty.


Capitalize on a Rapidly Growing Market.

As the demand for pro-age beauty brands continues to rise, taking the Brands Against Ageism Pledge allows you to tap into a growing market of discerning consumers who seek authentic & inclusive beauty products.


Access to a Supportive Community.

As a partner, you’ll gain access to a supportive community of like-minded brands, sharing insights, resources, and collaborating on initiatives to advance our collective goals.


Increased Visibility Within the EBC Brand Guide.

The Pledge Seal will be placed next to your brand’s name in our widely used Pro Age Beauty Brand Guide, so users immediately know you are a pro-age trailblazer. Your brand will also be prominently featured on our website, alongside other Brands Against Ageism Pledge Partners.

Here's How it Works


 **Submit your Brand:** Fill out our super simple online application form with essential details about your brand, its ethos, and its commitment to pro-age values. When we receive your application, we will get in touch right away to schedule a call to dive in deeper, answer your questions, etc.


**Pledge Commitment:** Take the EBC Brands Against Ageism Pledge, affirming your dedication to promoting positive aging, inclusive messaging, and refraining from ageist practices in your brand’s marketing and product offerings.


**Display the Seal:** Upon approval, proudly display the Brands Against Ageism Seal on your website and product packaging, signaling to customers that your brand is part of the movement to challenge ageism in the beauty industry*.

EBC Brands Against Ageism Pledge

*Think of the Seal as similar in size and in the same location as the ‘100% recyclable’, ‘no parabens’, and/or other icons you have on your website and packaging.


**Connect with Customers and Build an Ironclad Loyalty** Once you’re a Brands Against Ageism Pledge member and have added the Seal, you’ll get first-hand access to customers through the EBC, an already large and steadily growing community of pro-age women who only want to buy from brands who see us, listen to us, and respect us. Your brand will also receive special recognition in the online Pro Age Brand Guide for having taken the Pledge and added the Seal.

Let's Make a Lasting Impact Together

Join this community of progressive beauty brands committed to challenging ageism and celebrating beauty at every age. Together, we can transform the industry and redefine beauty standards for women worldwide.

Complete our super-quick application and take the first step toward taking the EBC Brands Against Ageism Pledge.