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The Endless Beauty Collective:

Because a Woman’s Beauty Has No Expiration Date

What IS the Endless Beauty Collective?

The EBC is a Strategy, an ever-growing Community of activated women, and a Pledge among pro age beauty brands to get the beauty industry as a whole to stop from selling women on these harmful falsities:

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Leading the Way Forward

Forging this major paradigm shift is a bold undertaking, but the progress we’re already seeing tells us it’s possible. The EBC is designed to help lead the way and keep us all moving forward by:


Mobilizing a community of at least 30,000 women who are done with the beauty industry telling women of any and all ages that aging is the enemy. A community of women, already in the thousands, who recognize their strength in numbers and are willing to use their voices and their ever-growing purchasing power to get ageist beauty brands to recognize that if they don’t let go of their anti-aging, youth-promoting business practices, messaging and product labeling and descriptions, and their sales culture, they are without question putting their reputation, sales numbers and market share at risk.


Celebrating and drawing greater attention to the growing number of pro age beauty brands that have said, ‘no’ to telling women that their ‘problem’ is that they’re aging. These hair care, skincare and makeup brands are trailblazers in their own rite having differentiated themselves and taken a stand against an ageist beauty industry, and they deserve to gain greater consumer loyalty and sales for their efforts.


Getting pro age beauty brands to take the EBC Brands Against Ageism Pledge and add the EBC Pledge Seal to their products and website. With the Pledge, brands commit to:

The highly visible Seal will distinguish brands in a positive way from ageist brands and in so doing help increase their sales as the number of women who are savvy and selective in their purchasing decisions and seeking out pro age brands continues to rise at a phenomenal rate. Several pro age brands have already taken the EBC Pledge and agreed to add the EBC Seal to their website, and to the packaging for their next collection launch.


Making the EBC’s already widely used Pro Age Brands Guide the go-to resource for women looking to identify and buy their beauty products from pro age beauty brands. The Guide is consistently updated as additional pro age brands are identified.


Getting more brands to shift to a pro age model. The EBC’s consulting arm is set up to help brands adopt a pro age model and reap the social and business benefits of doing so. Once the brand successfully implements the necessary changes, it will be eligible to take EBC Pledge and add the EBC Pledge Seal to their website and product packaging as a way to visibly showcase their ongoing commitment and draw the attention of an ever-growing customer market of shrewd women.

Join Today and Help Get Us to 30,000 Strong!

As a thank you (and a “have fun shopping!”), we’re giving away discounts to some pro-age brands. Just join below and you’ll not only have your voice heard, but you will also tip your hat to the brands who are getting it right. – and get a great excuse to buy yourself some fabulous products!